Alpaca Fun Facts
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Alpaca Fun Facts

Fun facts on alpacas and benefits of raising them.

Alpacas are one of the easiest animals to raise. They are virtually disease free and are very easy on their environment. They are also one of the cutest.

Having alpacas as pets is a great way to lower blood pressure. It is also a great way to get more exercise, as there will be many more trips out to the pens just to see them. Listening to them hum to each other is also very soothing.

Alpacas are raised mainly for their fleece, so there is no need to slaughter them. Their fleece is sheared once a year (usually in the spring) and sold as raw fleece or processed and made into yarn. For alpaca owners that are also very craft oriented, they also earn income through the sales of knit and crocheted items made from their home-grown alpaca yarn.

Alpacas have great memories; they remember which fence sags enough to get over or which gate has been left open. It can be quite entertaining to get them back in their pens, especially when they would rather cool off in a big puddle in the middle of the driveway.

When they do make their escape, the nice thing about them is they will stay together. This is not quite so nice when the whole herd decides to take a walk on a busy highway. A word to the wise: have a gate at the end of the driveway to avoid such scary moments.

They get along relatively well with most farm animals. Cats amuse them, while pot bellied pigs annoy them; especially amorous teenage pigs. They are rather curious and will follow cats around; and will also jump when they come across a cat in the long grass. Truth be told, the cats can jump pretty high as well.

Male alpacas do not appreciate being pushed off a girl they are trying to breed. It is hard to convince 200 lbs of testosterone he is with the wrong girl. The look they give is enough to make even the bravest person leave them alone. A face full of regurgitated grass is not something anyone wants.

Alpacas have their own distinct personalities and have no qualms about showing anyone who is the boss. It is rather entertaining (and sometimes frustrating) to watch the head female run from place to place trying to claim the newest pile of hay or oats that has been dropped in the pen.

Even with the little escapades and bits of attitude from the bossy ones, raising alpacas is a very rewarding lifestyle. Starting with a few animals is best; the herd can be increased as years go on.

They also make great lawnmowers; this works best if they are halter broke and tethered so they do not eat the vegetables in the garden. Tethering them also keeps them away from dangerous plants to them, such as Bleeding Hearts.

Raising alpacas is very rewarding; there is never a dull moment when they are thrown into the mix. Enjoy!

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Comments (8)

Good info, promoted, thanks.

Ranked #8 in Farm Animals

Thank you! Having them has been a wonderful experience so far, even with the Houdini acts they pull.

I enjoyed reading this article. Voted up for an excellent job.

Ranked #8 in Farm Animals

Thank you Caryn! It comes from personal experience. My only wish is I could have got them years ago.

I fully enjoyed your Alpaca info. I have fond memories of a friend who had alpacas in Montana. They are soooo cute. I learned a lot from your great article. voted up.

Ranked #8 in Farm Animals

Thank you Roberta! Tomorrow we move them to the bigger pen so they don't feel so compelled to go wandering.

Returning for my vote, thanks again :)

Ranked #8 in Farm Animals

Thank you Phoenix! Now that our herd is in the new pen, I may actually be able to sit and watch them and not worry about them escaping.