How to Find Livestock for Sale
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How to Find Livestock for Sale

How to buy livestock animals. Where to find farm animals for sale. How to find livestock auction markets and buy farm animals. Where are livestock animals sold? How to buy cows, how to buy cattle, how to buy sheep, how to buy goats, how to buy chickens? Where can I buy cows, where can I buy goats, where can I buy sheep?

Every now and then I encounter somebody looking to buy livestock animals but they simply do not know where to look. Where do you buy a cow? Where can I buy chickens? Where can I get a sheep? Let us learn where a person can buy such animals as livestock.

Adoption of Livestock Animals

If you are not trying to start up a farm and simply want a few hens, or other livestock animals as companions, you may want to check your local animal shelter or humane society. They occasionally do get livestock animals in from time to time, or may know of other livestock animal rescues that would have livestock animals up for adoption as pets.

Auction Markets

Most areas have livestock auction markets. These are may be in the smaller rural cities rather than in the larger urban ones. Typically each auction market will have one market day for each animal, although every auction market is different, some have monthly auctions for more unusual, or exotic, livestock and pets. You have to ask. You should also ask if they know of other auction markets in other cities and you can then phone those as well to find out what kind of auctions they have, and when.

When cattle and sheep are auctioned off, other than at exotic livestock type of auctions, they are usually sold by the pound.

Buying livestock at an auction is always a gamble, particularly with mature animals. Is the seller trying to get rid of bad animals, or are they selling their regular produce? Be sure to arrive early and look at the animals before bidding.

Livestock Feed Stores

You can also ask at your livestock feed stores. Not only might they know of auction markets, and upcoming sales, but they often have a listing of farm auctions in the area, auctions where you go to a farm and can buy straight from the farm itself. Farm auctions usually happen when somebody has sold there farm, and are a good opportunity to pick up livestock and supplies.

The feed store may have a bulletin board with advertisements of animals for sale. They may have farm newspapers that have classified ads with livestock for sale, or if you want quality animals, may have magazines with ads from breeders selling quality animals.

The feed store people often know the farmers in the area and may even know who has what for sale right off the farm.

Livestock feed stores often sell chicks and have hatcheries they deal with that can help you if you are interesting in raising chickens or other fowl.

Livestock For Sale Ads

As we mentioned livestock feed stores, the newspapers and magazines they carry, often have ads with farm animals for sale.

You can also look on line, many areas have local buy-sell websites where farmers and hobby farmers can list their livestock for sale, or wanted. You will want to see the actual animals, not just photos, before you commit to buying, and should never send a check because fraud does exist.


  • Use caution when buying older animals they may be sterile or have breeding problems.
  • Always examine animals before you buy.
  • Get sales contracts or agreements.
  • Be aware that while registered animals usually sell for more, registration is not proof of quality.
  • As with cats or dogs, all animals sold as purebreds must come with registration papers.
  • Be sure to do a lot of breed research before attending an auction, or making a purchase, especially if you are new to farming and livestock. There are many different breeds within each animal type and they often have different features or advantages you will want to be aware of.

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Great information as always, thanks Brenda.

Auction market is the best place for me...

Excellent information on this topic. Voted up!

Interesting and informative

What a great bunch of valuable information for those looking to buy livestock.