How to Keep and Maintain a Goat
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How to Keep and Maintain a Goat

how to maintain goats and have them around other animals

Goats are not like most farm animals, most people think they will mostly take care of them selves; this is where they are wrong. Goats need lots of attention and they have to have a very closely watched diet.

Goats have four stomachs and they work off bacteria that break down there food. Unlike most animals the fat on a goat does not mix with the muscles, when goats over eat, and they can there fat will gather around there vital organs such as the heart liver and other areas. Your goat will eat the large broad leaf weeds and really wont touch the grass, lots of people think that they will eat any green grass or weeds this is not true, they will eat mostly weeds and just the leaves they will leave the stocks still standing. You can give your goat some feed but only about one quarter cup per goat depending on their size. You do not want to give them too much because this can cause problems over fating the goat and even more problems such as death so watch your goat closely.

If your goat has horns this is ok if they do not try to harm anything with them some people like to remove them so they can breed them or just cause they them selves don’t want to get hurt by the goat. If you have a friendly goat this will not be a problem.

Another thing you will have to keep up on is there hooves they can over grow and start to wrought and other problems may occur so stay on top of them check them every week or two weeks and trim them as needed. You will also have to cut back what I call their toes; they are the small pieces of flesh on the backside of their legs down toward their hooves. You wont miss them and you want to clip off just a small bit of this just enough to reveal a slight pink but be sure not to take to much off or it will bleed, I have found that taking small cut will ensure that this wont happen.

Goats do well with other animals I have had goats room in the same stall as my horse and they got along very well, as for other animals such as dogs, this will depend on the goat and the dog if the goat has lived somewhere where the goat has been chased by dogs then obviously they wont like dogs and in some cases the dog and the goat just wont like each other as one of mine never liked dogs. If you are wanting a goat to be part of your dogs then get a baby and bottle feed it and allow the dogs to play with it.

There a

There are different types of fence that can be used to keep them in a pin but goats will always try to get out so when constructing a pin try to use a med. gage wire so that they cant break it. You also you have to have it tall enough that they can not jump over, goats can jump very high for there size so make sure that you fence is of proper size. I have also had goats that will roam without a fence and just stay on the property. This will depend on the goat and how much you have contact with them.

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